Live Personalized One On One Online Courses


Now you can participate in the same course on line. The reason for our success is due to the extremely well organized, logical and concisely presented program developed by Dr. Joanna Rios.

Our materials are specifically and exclusively designed for medical professionals’ immediate practical application with their patients.

Due to the ever increasing cost of travel, lodging, time constraints and budget cuts, CME monies are not as readily available. Thus, Rios Associates has elected to develop the same program as our Intensive CME Seminars in the form of “Personalized One-on-One Training”.

In our Personalized One-on-One Training, you will use the same materials as in our Intensive live seminars, and will receive instructions, explanations and guidance with LIVE instructors over the Internet. You will also participate in role plays, exercises, Q&A sessions and receive immediate feedback from our instructors.

We design a syllabus specifically tailored to your specialty, proficiency level and personal goals.

How It Works?

The instructor and participant make an Internet connection at a mutually agreed time via Webex. The Personalized One-on-One Training meetings are conducted on a one-to-one basis; thus, allowing for much flexibility. Webex allows us to share audio and video; as well as tools, such as whiteboards, presentations and pictures.

These Personalized One-on-One Training serve to:

  • Review specific subjects that you wish to practice
  • Take the same course we present on-site while at home, when you travel or when other limitations may prevent you from doing so in person.
  • Follow up and practice sessions for those that would like to continue learning Spanish.
  • Practice through role plays and dialogues, while receiving immediate feedback from our instructors.
  • Customized sessions based on your specialty, proficiency level and personal goals.
  • Conveniently schedule at a date and time of your choice.

What you will need:

  • A computer - Laptop or desktop
  • A high speed Internet connection
  • Our book, Complete Medical Spanish, 4th Edition
  • Our audio USB (optional)
  • Speakers or headphones
  • Access to a quiet location